• Hair Color: Brown
  • Likes: being sexy for those whom appreciate, intimate conversations, and having a fun time
  • Dislikes: I don’t appreciate dishonesty, not using my time valuably and holes in my stockings
  • Interested In: Women’s Wear Daily, watching as many films possible, the color white, earning my place in your heart and pockets
  • Playlist: AC/DC, J. Cole, Daddy Yankee, and Skrillex
  • Work Schedule: Day shift (typically between) 2pm-8pm Wednesday, Friday- Sunday (Can't make it before 9pm, call ahead of time; I'm happy to stay til 10pm for you)
  • BIO: I speak Spanish, English, and Russian (and currently learning Italian.) I am athletic/flexible, patient and sweet. I want to respect you as much as I want to be respected. I don’t know how to do my make-up, so I don’t wear any. Finally, when I am not on the clock, I am restoring a 1994 Honda Accord

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