Amy Lu

  • Hair Color: Black
  • Likes: Spending time with loved ones, books, exercising, big foodie, trying new things, shopping
  • Dislikes: Drama, bad hygiene, insincerity, and fake people
  • Interested In: A genuine connection with a generous gentleman
  • Playlist: I like all types of music from old school to new school, from classic rock to hip hop to house. I don't discriminate, and I like experiencing new things.
  • Work Schedule: Thursday (6pm - 12pm)Saturday (8pm - 4am)Sunday (6pm - 12pm) - occasionally
  • BIO: Hi my name is Amy Lu🦋 Positive vibes Genuine connections 💕 Nerdy📚& Creative🎨 Girly Gym Rat🤸 Let's laugh a lot 💛 I value my space & peace of mind. I'm selective about who I give my time to, so make yourself stand out! Let’s get to know each other and make some memories 💖✨

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