• Hair Color: Blonde
  • Likes: Private rooms, text me to schedule dance appointments, gifts and being pampered
  • Dislikes: When you’re not having a good day
  • Interested In: Interested in making lasting relationships, quality time with you and listening to you about your days and interests
  • Playlist: Jazz, classical, rock, hip hop, country - I listen to wide array of music
  • Work Schedule: I typically work on Saturdays, but you can see me pop in on Fridays from time to time. I'd love to work on weekdays too and can fulfill your schedule needs, but please confirm with me thru text a day in advance. Thank you!
  • BIO: Hi, I’m Christie! A loving and loyal friend. When I’m not at work, I model and spend most of my time outdoors. I love long walks on the beach, sunsets, hiking, astronomy, animals, and shopping!

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