• Hair Color: Brown
  • Likes: Gifts ,LUSH, Spas, Manis/Pedis, BUTTERFLY jewelry 🤭 , Pink/lavender /VINYL
  • Dislikes: Cigarette smell, bad hygiene , when I’m being asked for my real name , pictures or social media
  • Interested In: Gifts, books, airplanes
  • Playlist: Frank Sinatra, Amy wine house , Whitney Houston , Cleo Sol , A LOT OF AFRO BEATS ((;
  • Work Schedule: Mostly fri-sun some Wed/Thurs ALWAYS NIGHT SHIFT @10 pm <3
  • BIO: Slim thick latina, 5’2 ,I’m very talkative and I smile a lot so please bring the same energy , I love to dance it’s how I stay in shape, I’m also a music geek so Vinyls/concert tickets are always welcome 🤗 , I like to listen to alot of diverse genres even if I don’t understand the language , I’m a very curious person/ sapio 😅 and I LOVE GIFTS for no reason those are the best

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